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STEMM Courses & Related Arts

Integrated STEM - 7th to 9th Grade

The Integrated STEM Class encourages students to use inquiry based and problem solving approaches to understand science and engineering principles. By combining traditional science concepts (life science, biology, and environmental sciences) with the application of these concepts through engineering and technology, students will gain a greater understanding of the world around them. Collaborative, student-centered lessons and cooperative learning is essential throughout this course. Students will use evidence as a basis for analysis of data and arguments. Emphasis is on the integration of knowledge from a variety of resources and effective communication of an understanding of this knowledge to meet the performance expectations.


STEMM ELA - 7th & 8th Grade

This course will target students’ growth in the areas of reading, writing, editing, listening, speaking, discussion, and reflection. Reading strategies, critical thinking skills, and vocabulary building comprise the main elements of reading instructions. Through fiction, nonfiction, and poetry reading, students will practice reading strategies and comprehension skills. The focus of writing will be on narrative, informational, argumentative, and research writing. The overall goal of the class is to increase literacy, grade level appropriate vocabulary, and the writing ability of students.